Food that may not suit you

A lot of people are dealing with chronic digestives problems and tried to recover from this disease by trying an elimination diet. This is fair. As a human, we are all different. Ayurveda said that because of our nature (prakriti), our health at the moment (vikriti), our medical history (antibiotic, depression, drugs), our environment (sport, … Plus Food that may not suit you

La viande en Ayurvéda

Les viandes, volailles, poissons et crustacés sse consomment avec modération en ayurvéda. Les chairs animales augmentent le Pitta et le Kapha, mais apaisent le Vata. La chair des animaux est bien souvent chauffante, lourde et difficile à digérer. Toutes les viandes ont un rasa doux et un anurasa astringent et parfois piquant (viandes de gibier). … Plus La viande en Ayurvéda

Wine in vedic litteratur

History of wine In Vedism but also in Ayurveda, Sura (wine) has been worshiped by gods and honored by priests. In vedic rites, wine is used for the success of the sacrifice (the sautramani sacrifice_. It is an excellent solace to the gods who call it nectar and to the forefathers who call it ‘svadha’. … Plus Wine in vedic litteratur