Tincture : method

The term tincture refers to a preparation with alcohol, vinegar, wine or glycerine. Herbal tinctures are alcoholic or water-alcoholic. Alcool is a better solvent than water for extracting plant constituents. In general, tinctures are solutions that contains at least 45 percent alcohol with the ration 1:4.   These are the ratios of herbs to menstrua: … Plus Tincture : method

Decoction : method

Decoction are made by boiling water either freh or deshydrated herbal substances with water or other fluids. Decoction is the chief method used to extract herbal constituents for use as fomentations, syrups and enemas. We use the decoction for herbs that will not yield their active virtues at a lower temperature. Decoctions secure the soluble … Plus Decoction : method