Herbes medicinales

  • Tincture : method

    Tincture : method

    The term tincture refers to a preparation with alcohol, vinegar, wine or glycerine. Herbal tinctures are alcoholic or water-alcoholic. Alcool is a better solvent than water for extracting plant constituents. In general, tinctures are solutions that contains at least 45 percent alcohol with the ration 1:4. These are the ratios of herbs to menstrua: Tinctures […]

  • Decoction : method

    Decoction : method

    A decoction is made by boiling water either fresh or dehydrated herbal substances with water or other fluids. A decoction is a chief method used to extract herbal constituents for use as fomentations, syrups, and enemas. We use the decoction for herbs that will not yield their active virtues at a lower temperature. Decoctions secure […]

  • Wine and Vinegar infusion

    Wine and Vinegar infusion

    Wine infusion Wine is characterized as a spirituous liquid, the result of the fermentation of grape juice. The other ingredients of the wine are sugar, gum, tannic, malic, acids, coloring, tartrate of lime, and volatile oils (bouquet). Medicated wines are one of the oldest classes of Galenic preparations. They are hydro-alcoholic solutions made from various […]

  • Homemade Oil infusion

    Homemade Oil infusion

    Oil infusions are an infusion of medicinal or culinary herbs in a fixed oil menstruum. Medicinal oil infusions facilitating the absorption of the herbal remedies. Oil infusions  are well utilized as food and as medicines. Oils infusions are made with fixed oils, also called fatty oils because they are  chemically the same as fats. Oils […]

  • Types of solvent in Herbal medicine

    Types of solvent in Herbal medicine

    There are 5 types of solvents that are used traditionally in herbal medicine: water, vinegar, ethyl alcohol, wine, oil. Water is remarkable solvency extract for diverse substances. Vinegar is generally classed among the derivatives of alcohol because it is produced by the oxidation of alcoholic liquids. Wine could be a good solvent for the herbs. […]

  • Le millepertuis contre la dépression

    Le millepertuis contre la dépression

    La dépression est un trouble médical qui peut toucher n’importe qui, à n’importe quel moment. Elle est accompagnée de nombreux symptômes émotionnels, cognitifs, physiques et comportementaux. Elle se manifeste, entre autres, par de la tristesse, un sentiment d’inutilité, des difficultés à prendre des décisions, de la fatigue, un manqué d’énergie. Les personnes dépressives ont un déficit […]

  • Manger les mauvaises herbes

    Manger les mauvaises herbes

    On les appellent les mauvaises herbes du potager, mais nous devrions plutôt parler d’herbes nutritives ou d’herbes médicinales. Les herbes sauvages ou mauvaises herbes sont les ennemis de propriétaires de potagers. Et pourtant! Mère nature ne fait rien au hasard. En plus d’apporter des minéraux aux autres plantes, les herbes sauvages sont quasi toutes savoureusement […]