Ayurvedic Food Plan


What the 15-page review offers:

  • Your doshic profile.
  • 1 week of personalized menus for winter
  • 1 week of personalized menus for the summer
  • 1 week of personalized menus for spring
  • 1 week of personalized menus for the fall
  • Ayurvedic dietary advice tailored to your case.
  • Table of recommended foods
  • Table of foods not recommended
  • Suggested spices for your doshas


The Ayurvedic Food Plan gives you an overview of how you can adapt your current diet to an Ayurvedic way. The file you will receive is unique to you. It’s 15 pages of information about you and you only!

Doshic profile

Am I Vata? Am I Pitta-Vata? There is sometimes a lot of confusion because we forget that we are made of 3 doshas! The profile that you will receive is based on your answers and for this reason, it is very precise. I make the difference between your nature and your state.

Custom menus

The menus you will receive are based on your answers. In this sense, I will not ask you to change your diet 100% because it is not the Ayurvedic way. Menus are suggested according to what you are already eating, but everything is adapted to guide you towards the feeding of your dominant doshas, ​​and the most sattvic (pure) way possible.

Personalized dietary advice

According to your dominant doshas, the best ​​taste will be suggested to you, therapeutic spices will be suggested to you, tools to help you manage certain behaviours with food will be suggested to you, basic Ayurvedic advice will be suggested to you.

Foods Advised and Foods Not Recommended

A complete table of foods recommended and not recommended according to your doshic nature is drawn up. It is valid for life.

Therapeutic spices

See which spices are right for you and how to use them as therapeutic remedies via a few recipes.


How to proceed?

  • Order the report on this same page.
  • Receive the link to complete the form once payment has been made.
  • Complete the form and fill it out in peace.
  • Wait for 3 to 5 days.
  • Receive your virtual file.


What the results bring you:

  • Better self-understanding of yourself
  • A food plan and advice to regain balance.
  • Help to refer in any times because your nature does not change. 🙂